A3.1 Elevation Plan - All Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes (Jun 12, 2014)


1. We would like the windows to be closer together, sharing the frame. The smaller top windows, should stack right above the long rectangular windows on the bottom. Do this where applicable to keep the window style across the home look consistent. 

(Option 1-preferred) http://www.houzz.com/photos/438772/Leftwich-Residence-contemporary-exterior-portland

(Option2) http://www.houzz.com/photos/316417/Edgewood-contemporary-family-room-san-francisco


1. Tim suggested having more windows in the master bedroom bath. We can potentially lower the master bath by creating a ceiling (with attic) or have two smaller window above the tub window. Creating a ceiling and adding 2 smaller windows both adds cost but the latter you get more lighting into the bathroom

Decision: Yes we will create 2 smaller windows above bath

2. Ceiling over master bedroom is 13 feet tall


1. Tim suggested we bring the 4 large windows in the master bedroom all the way to the ground, down to 18 inches from the ground. Beyond 18 inches you need temper glass which will add cost. 

Decision: Yes we will go ahead and bring it down to 18 in. from the ground. 

BEDROOM 2 (west side)

1. Need to decide whether to raise the 2 windows higher of rmore privacy. Currently if someone is in the backyard, he can see into the room.

Decision: Yes let's raise it


1. Do we want the two small windows above the wall mounted TV? A strong glare will come into the room at sunset but for a short period of time and can be addressed by shades.

Decision: would like to remove those windows above the TV. Do not want to deal with the sun piercing in. We have to think about how to deal with the interior w/o those two windows. Do we have to create a fireplace element?  

2. The width of the TV must be no wider than 7 feet to fit above the fireplace

3. Talk to the contractors about celestory versus frame windows. 


1. The ceiling is 12 feet tall

2. We would like rectangular windows above the cabinets as well as right above the counter top (below the cabinets) in lieu of a backsplash, on the East side only

3. Tim suggested doing exposed shelves on the north side, potentially over the windows so you can see through the items on the shelves to the outside

4. Tim said the windows on the North side will come all the way down to connect with the counter, so there will not be a backsplash

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