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Meeting Notes (Jun 12, 2014)

Vince and I got on a call with Tim to review the roof plan and elevation plans. These are the notes I captured related to the roof plan. See Elevation Meeting notes for elevation related notes. 

1. We wanted a shed roof over a pitch roof for more of a contemporary look. After thinking about it more, Tim said that shed roof cost less to install versus a hip or pitch roof (cutting the metal to form the hip is more expensive to install)

2. Tim advised we do all the roof as shed roof versus a combination of pitch/hip and shed roof. This will keep it to a similar "theme" for contemporary

3. Armstrong Roofing - provides a new technology for insulating roofs (foam). We will not need to have attic and ceilings. Each room will have different tilts depending on the direction the roof is tilting. 

4. We need to be prepared there is a chance the Town of Danville will not approve of the shed roof. We need a default plan, perhaps go back to the pitch roof


1. Vince and Liwen need to think over the roof tilt over the front entry while Tim is out on vacation (6/12 - 6/29).  Do we want less of it (flat, appear like a T), or pitch, or something else?  Right now having the roof top tilted along with the exposed beams on the left and right sides appear unbalanced seems a bit weird to us. 

2. On the secondary garage, extend the EAST side of the roof to provide a barrier from rain while walking from garage to the front entry. 

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