Capitalism continues to evolve.  Old social structure’s change as society matures and becomes more complex or developed.  Old social structures still exist like dictators, monarchies and caste systems.  As we see these days in the news – people long for equality and respect or a democracy.  We now see blossoming democracies all over the Middle East (Tunisia, Egypt, etc..) and social networking enabled much of this revolution.


RISE will allow capitalism to evolve as well.  RISE will antiquate the current concepts that capitalism currently holds (or attempts to categorize like a caste system).  Defining people as Employers, Employees and Consumers only demeans people and forces various levels of respect and obligation between the “casted” types.  RISE will set the evolved definition for the next stage of capitalism.  No one will be caste as an Employer.  No one will be caste as an Employee.  No one will be a Consumer.  RISE - Rewards International Standards for Everyone - will turn Everyone into a Business Person.  If everyone can relate to others as another type of business entity then everyone can RISE and relate to one another as successful business people, rather than casting people or manipulating the other to their benefit.  The evolution of capitalism with Everyone defined as a business person will improve respect, communication and will foster collaboration among all.   Success in that new found relationship will be found among small to medium to large business entities.

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