A2.1 Floor Plan-Change Requirements Meeting Notes 5/13/2014

General Requirements
1. All bathrooms must have a window that opens to the outside, with the exception of the powder room in the great room
2. All room doors opening should not face the opening of the bathroom door
3. Master bedroom and study room should have a double door entry
1. Would like to see measurements for each room/gallery/foyer/entry area
2. Master bedroom, bath, great room, kitchen need to be bigger in proportion to other rooms and create that wow factor
1. Would like to have more cabinet space. What are some ways we can achieve that? Would like to keep the windows above the cabinets where applicable.
2. Need the fridge to line up with the cabinets (cannot stick out). Need to redesign the position of the guest room closet
3. Remove the sink on the island
1. Redesign it such that guests do not see directly into the kitchen and great room area when they first walk in. Would like to see 2-3 options on how we can achieve that. Send links to examples of a wall or other design elements
1. Increase the size of the great room to allow for visibility to the kids from the kitchen and provide sense of grandness
2. Install the open window system on one side of the wall. Remove the window system for the wall adjacent to the kitchen. 
3. Remove formal dining. The formal round table will go to the breakfast room
4. Remove butler prep area. Redesign the location of the bar. 
5. Remove the stairs. Move it outdoors. 
1. Must have a double door. Should not be able to see into the master bedroom as you first walk in the front door and look down the gallery
2. Redesign the configuration of the master bath. 
   - Kids' bath shares wall with the master bedroom bed. noise concerns
   - Master closet needs to be separate from the master bath
1. We do not want any doors to open and look directly into the bathroom.
2. I cannot easily get to the closet as door is in the way. Closet position needs to change

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