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Spec-Tech Construction

Spec-Tech Design-Build operated from 1992-1999 and is now resurrected as Spec-Tech Construction.   We have an investment group that has formed an LLC and we are currently purchasing property for real-estate spec projects.

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On-Line Advertising

On CNBC today - On-Line Advertizing is increasing at 25%-30% from year to year while traditional advertising is only increasing 3% a year.  Facebook is increasing its advertising even more than this and it is capturing more and more of the small business ads.  Since AllyLocal is more focused on business than personal social networking - we should be able to see this happen as well for AllyLocal (once we make it a more public site).  Facebook now controls 28% of all on-line ads and that is twice… Continue

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Silicon Valley Associatio​n of Startup Entreprene​urs

AllyLocal.com is still in it's beta form and has yet to make a public launch.  Steve and I went to a conference - Silicon Valley Associatio​n of Startup Entreprene​urs - last night that proved extremely useful for understanding how to launch a start-up and approach Angle Investors.  We are going to schedule more of these events and approach more investors as we move AllyLocal to the public relm. 

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Google Plus vs Facebook

Google Plus launched today and is attempting to enter the same social networking arena as Facebook.


According to CNBC the main difference is that Google is attempting to Categorize people more (a feature that can…


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Capitalism 2.0

Capitalism continues to evolve.  Old social structure’s change as society matures and becomes more complex or developed.  Old social structures still exist like dictators, monarchies and caste systems.  As we see these days in the news – people long for equality and respect or a democracy.  We now see blossoming democracies all over the Middle East (Tunisia, Egypt, etc..) and social networking enabled much of this revolution.


RISE will allow capitalism to…


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