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Landscape Plan v1

Meeting attendees Ross Wells, Vince Cheung, Liwen Cheung to review the first draft of the landscape plans. 

Asked Ross to make the following changes:

1. Lower the lattice dense on the guest parking area to a 4 ft. tall fence so it will not block the view from the office

2. switch the chess board location with the planter box location. The planter box will be a square shape box in the new location

3. Remove all the trees on the south side of the house…


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A2.1 Floor Plan-Change Requirements Meeting Notes 5/13/2014

General Requirements
1. All bathrooms must have a window that opens to the outside, with the exception of the powder room in the great room
2. All room doors opening should not face the opening of the bathroom door
3. Master bedroom and study room should have a double door entry
1. Would like to see measurements for each room/gallery/foyer/entry area
2. Master…

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Spec-Tech Construction

Spec-Tech Design-Build operated from 1992-1999 and is now resurrected as Spec-Tech Construction.   We have an investment group that has formed an LLC and we are currently purchasing property for real-estate spec projects.

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California 2012 Million-Dollar Home Sales Highest in Five Years

California 2012 Million-Dollar Home Sales Highest in Five Years

January 30, 2013

The number of Golden State homes sold for a million dollars or more rose to its highest level since 2007, fueled by a recovering economy, rising home prices and a record number of cash purchases. The number of homes sold…


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California March Home Sales

California March Home Sales

April 18, 2013

An estimated 37,764 new and resale houses and condos sold statewide last month. That was up 31.5 percent from 28,719 in February, and up 0.8 percent from 37,481 sales in March 2012, according to San Diego-based DataQuick.

It’s normal for sales to shoot up between February and March. California March sales have varied from a low of 24,565 in 2008 to a high of 68,848 in 2005. Last month's sales were 13.5 percent below the…


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Bay Area Home Sales Dip Below 2012 Level Again; Median Sale Price Rises

Bay Area Home Sales Dip Below 2012 Level Again; Median Sale
Price Rises
April 18, 2013

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New home sales rise; housing recovery on track

Sales of new U.S. single-family homes rose in March, indicating the housing market recovery remains on track.

The Commerce Department said on Tuesday sales increased 1.5 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 417,000 units. Last month's rise followed a 7.6 percent drop in February.

Economists polled by Reuters had expected sales to rise to 420,000-unit rate last month. 

Compared with March 2012, sales were up 18.5 percent, indicating the strength in…


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Home shortage pushing prices

Supply shortages in some housing markets continue to place upward pressure on prices.

As a result, home prices inched upward 0.7% on a seasonally adjusted basis from January to February, according to theFederal Housing Finance Agency

From Feb. 2012 to Feb. 2013, home prices also rose 7.1%.

However, the index is well below pre-crisis levels, down 13.6% and roughly the same as the October 2004 index level. 

"Still, the improving prices will help…


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On-Line Advertising

On CNBC today - On-Line Advertizing is increasing at 25%-30% from year to year while traditional advertising is only increasing 3% a year.  Facebook is increasing its advertising even more than this and it is capturing more and more of the small business ads.  Since AllyLocal is more focused on business than personal social networking - we should be able to see this happen as well for AllyLocal (once we make it a more public site).  Facebook now controls 28% of all on-line ads and that is twice… Continue

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Silicon Valley Associatio​n of Startup Entreprene​urs is still in it's beta form and has yet to make a public launch.  Steve and I went to a conference - Silicon Valley Associatio​n of Startup Entreprene​urs - last night that proved extremely useful for understanding how to launch a start-up and approach Angle Investors.  We are going to schedule more of these events and approach more investors as we move AllyLocal to the public relm. 

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Local Businesses Might be Your Best Customers

Business owners join together for many great reasons.  Whether it’s sharing marketing promotions, planning events, assessing customer feedback, addressing issues facing their community, joint advertising, sharing expertise and know-how, coordinating community events, producing marketing collateral or building networks, better results are achieved by working together than going it alone.

Local business owners and their employees spend their working hours in your marketplace every day. …


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Google Plus vs Facebook

Google Plus launched today and is attempting to enter the same social networking arena as Facebook.

According to CNBC the main difference is that Google is attempting to Categorize people more (a feature that can…


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Social Networking vs Other Media

Why are people gravitating towards Social Networks online?  The question can be answered by reviewing other historical transitions of communication or media.  It is like people transitioning from radio to TV.  Do people still listen to radio – sure, however television has brought a visual element to media and has grown in use over radio.  Social Networks can also be seen replacing other forms of communication like e-mail.  Will people still use e-mail – sure, however a social network allows…


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A Powerhouse in the Local Business Market Makes Plans to go Public

Groupon has sold more than 70 million discount coupons in the last 2 plus years.  The company has also hired nearly 7,000 employees during that time. The company plans to raise around $750 million by going public.  The Associated Press reported that venture capitalists and others have invested $1.1 billion in the company.

The success of on-line coupon businesses points to a growing trend affecting local businesses.  The internet is an efficient and effective tool for connecting with…


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Why a Social Network for your small business makes sense

As a small business owner looking at customer acquisition and retention I’ve noticed changes over the last few years.


While it used to be the Yellow Pages and maybe cable TV, local newspapers or mailers lately it seems like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Groupon, Living Social and dozens more just like them have really changed things.  It’s a stretch to imagine that small business owners can go it alone and be as effective on-line as the big names do and Ally Local wants to level…


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Capitalism 2.0

Capitalism continues to evolve.  Old social structure’s change as society matures and becomes more complex or developed.  Old social structures still exist like dictators, monarchies and caste systems.  As we see these days in the news – people long for equality and respect or a democracy.  We now see blossoming democracies all over the Middle East (Tunisia, Egypt, etc..) and social networking enabled much of this revolution.


RISE will allow capitalism to…


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