Hello Tim-

I think this looks good. Looking at dimensions, it seems like the pool will extend beyond the existing deck on the east and south side. This gets us a 35' pool with an additional 6' spa/beach. I am hoping we can find a way to get an umbrella over the beach into the design.

I am still not able to visualize how the breezeway/roof connection, steps from house door, gate, entry to the pavilion all will work but will wait for that. 

Casita revisions look good.

As we discussed, I am going to try and get bids going for the pool. I have the one guy that came out in April. He said he needed a survey (for soils, topography etc) and the plans. Can I get a copy of survey from you?  Do you think that your current drawings for the pool are enough for him now? 

Also do you have a recommendation for a pool person that you recommend for this project? As we discussed, we will want a 3/5 ft pool with an automatic cover. Nice materials with low maintenance. Anything else we should tell them?

Let me know what you need next from us.

Thanks! Julie

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Hi Tim,

I have been staring some more at the latest layout and noticed that with the pavilion pulled a little closer to the house now, we have more room on length. I would like to increase the length (to the east towards Mt Diablo) of the casita 1 ft in the bathroom/kitchen area and 2 ft in the bedroom/office area. The objective would be to get a little more room in the reduced size shower and a little more room for a bigger desk in the bedroom area. 

I don't think it is important now, but also wanted to request pocket doors inside the casita, unless you see any downside or there is no room/electrical in the way.

You mentioned Chinar would be working on these while you were gone and I wanted to get it on here in case it had an impact on her work.





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