From Julie's email of 5/31/21

Zimmerman Pavilion/Casita/Pool Backyard Project

May 31 st - Review of conceptual drawings
1. Tell us more about the breezeway and how it will work/ what it would look like.
2. What is the impact of moving casita further to East fence line? What will support system
below look like?
3. Like BBQ on W wall option best. How make it look nice as you walk in from gate?
4. TV above E wall on vaulted ceiling OR?
5. Can fireplace be minimal with no hearth? Lower horizontal gas type?
6. Windows on N wall of pavilion or open?
7. Like casita on E. Like addition of deck to wrap casita. Option A
8. Possible to have sliding doors on all of casita? Can have sliding door separating kit/bath
from bedroom?
9. Like bath access near pavilion door- Option A
10. Only sink, MW and undercounter refrigerator for right now. Otherwise, would like just
Said wanted max window on S side but starting to worry about lack of storage above-
Impact of one less window on S side of kitchen area? Underneath counters
11. Impact of bump out on Option B? If do, apply to Option A to allow storage for
gym/office equipment, more space in general. Also place for potential future stackable
closet washer and dryer? Also firm up where desk could go near window on S wall.
12. Thoughts on how will look from street.
13. Would like dining table on deck right outside pavilion. Near pavilion, casita
kitchen/house kitchen/in shade.
14. Pool changes in thinking: Option C. Would like to include spa in pool and larger size so
would like appx. 35x15’ over on S side of the week. Possible small wall with water
feature on East side. Can bump out deck towards vegetable garden to accomplish size.
15. Still want to keep my Japanese Maple and would like to keep my brown pebble
16. Can planters integrate?
17. Fire chat stays in center.

Overall concepts/challenges
 Overall objective is an outdoor living space close to house that can provide shade and a
multi-purpose casita.
 Should be flexible to use as guest suite/bedroom, office, work out area and place to
serve beverages/snacks.
 Pavilion attached to Casita. Not attached to house but ideal to have covered access from

 Structure and new yard layout will have design elements that are congruent with
existing house.
 Positioning to maximize views from inside structure and from inside house. Roof line
 No steps down from existing deck.
 Goal for 20x12’ pavilion and 24x12’ casita area.
 Pavilion has gas fireplace on N wall, E wall casita, S and W wall mostly open
 Would like to see if we can have room for grill on W wall. Can bump out?
 Pavilion has heaters, possible fans, TV and possible chandelier.
 Doors into casita- kitchen counter area facing S, Bath to N. Maximize windows to S.
 Multi-purpose room on E, Murphy Bed, TV, Desk against S facing full windows
 MP room storage for bedding, suitcase storage, filing/office/computer eqpt, workout
 E windows need option that shows mountain view but not house below.
 E window also has to accommodate street light adjacent.
 Need solutions of access and flow from N gate into backyard, into house and pavilion,
over to pool.
 Need solutions for deck/hardscape/railing to integrate all. Would like to keep planters
and j. maple.
 Pool- would like to see what can be done with a 12x24 rectangular pool on S side of
deck. Change.
 Would like to maintain most of lawn area but need chaise lounge area for pool.
 Need to maintain access to vegetable garden/orchard from both sides of deck

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