I have a question on the engineering. I have been receiving emails from the engineering company and did a follow up phone call this morning. After talking to him, I realized that there were two different companies contacting me. Advanced Engineering and Design Everest. Who should I be talking to? Are they doing different things for us?       I spoke with Brad at Advanced Engineering this morning regarding the vaulted ceilings I mentioned in below discussion. He said that he would need the ceiling design/info in the documents from you. Let's discuss?  Thanks! Julie

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Ugh- sorry I somehow missed opening your earlier email . This certainly explains the different engineering contacts reaching out to me.  I did speak with Brad and I will compare one more time with Design Everest, but I think I will go with him.  
Brad said that he will need the ceiling views as it will impact his work. We haven't talked about that except verbally at the very beginning, so I would like to see what the options/your recommendations are for the vaulted ceilings. I would like the ceilings to be as high as possible, and a focal point, possibly made from stained wood or stained wood beams in the pavilion. 
Please let me know regarding the above.  
Thank you!

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